Friday, 17 April 2015

Wonder As Goat Delivers Human-Like Baby In Ekiti State

Wonders Shall never end,Ogotun Ekiti was in awe on Tuesday when a goat delivered a human-like baby goat.

According to NAN ,the strange incidence happened at Lori Oke settlement, a village that is about 10 kilometres from Ogotun town.The spokesman of the community, Sunday Ogunmeji, who spoke with NAN said a pastor, Mr Daniel Odedele, helped to deliver the goat of the baby.
The `baby’ had all the features of a human being such as human face, head, hair, female genitals, two legs and two arms with hoofs.

“However, the human-like baby died at about noon as a result of lack of care as the crowd merely trooped there to watch rather than to attempt to save its life,’’

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