Sunday, 5 April 2015

Women Alert!!! Placenta Smothies Allegedly Good For Nursing Mothers

Ok so i stumbled on this article,Women they said you can turn your placenta into smoothie and enjoy it for health purposes. Read the full story as written by Amy Oliver.....

The 41-year-old mother-of-two is part of a rapidly growing cottage industry that prepares fresh placenta for new mothers. Along with some 60 other specialists in this country, she whizzes it into smoothies, or grinds it into pills for women convinced of its health benefits. If the mother has requested a £20 placenta smoothie at the birth, Kathryn blends some of the placenta with fruit and apple juice using a hand-held blender. She takes the remainder home and either steams the organ with lemon, ginger and green chilli, or dries slices of placenta in a dehydrator before grinding the pieces into a powder which she makes into capsules. This service costs £150.

Mothers have reported powerful healing properties, saying that eating their own placenta (the blood-filled organ that supports the foetus in the womb) has helped to increase their milk supply, reduce post-natal bleeding, stabilise blood pressure, and, crucially, provide them with more energy to care for their babies.

Celebrities who have eaten their own placentas include Hollywood actresses January Jones and Alicia Silverstone and Atomic Kitten singer Natasha Hamilton. Swindon Council is claiming that her services pose a danger to the mothers she is trying to help, and are taking her to court saying they want to stop her from trading. They have already taken half her essential kit, including a grinder and a pill-maker, meaning she can no longer provide her service.

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