Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Woman Who Thought She Was Pregnant Discovers She Was Carrying Baby Size Tumour

Read below the story of a woman who thought she was pregnant and went to hospital hoping to deliver a child only to be told she is not pregnant with a child but carrying a baby size tumour......(pics below)


According to Madlen Davies,a Romanian woman who believed she was pregnant was devastated to be told she actually had an 11lb tumour inside her uterus.
Madalina Neagu, 42, arrived at a hospital in with severe pain in her abdomen and told doctors she believed she was in labour.
As a result, medics at Botosani County Hospital prepared to operate to deliver the child.
But after carrying out tests, they were shocked to discover she wasn't pregnant at all.
Instead, she was actually carrying a 11lbs (5kg) tumour inside her uterus.
One of the doctors treating her, Dr Dorin Scladan, 47, said: 'As the woman told us she was pregnant, we initially expected pregnancy complications.
'In fact, the size of her belly was quite similar to that of a nine-month pregnant woman, so we didn't have any reason to doubt what she told us.'
Dr Sclandan and his colleage Dr Camelia Todica, 43, carried out an operation to remove the tumour.
The patient was then transferred to intensive care - and doctors say she will recover.

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