Friday, 24 April 2015

Is This Love Or What? Husband Stopped Overweight Wife From Losing Weight Over Fear Of Leaving Him

24 yrs old Bettie Jo is from Houston and she has become immobile with her morbidly obese weight of 47st (660lbs). She revealed that being immobile has been difficult for as she needed the help of her husband to do everything including going to toilet and cleaning her butt.

'I wanted to have some freedom again and I knew my weight was keeping me from that.

'I hated going out in public all the time because I couldn't stand peoples reactions. I felt judged, that people were saying: “Look at that fat girl”.'

'But I knew it was something I'd done to myself through what I ate. I was raised with country home cooking and I loved fried, mash potatoes, crisps I just love food.'

But husband Josh now admits he did not help Bettie Jo's weight loss. 'I thought if she lost weight she wouldn't need me anymore.I didn't want her dropping weight and leaving me.'

But Bettie Jo was determined to make a change.

'I didn’t want to waste my life just sitting in a chair. I wanted to have a career, have a baby. I wanted to grow old.

 Desperate for a solution, Bettie Jo and Josh went to a Houston bariatric surgeon.Bettie Jo and Josh moved to Houston to be closer to the doctor and set about a weight-loss mission.

'I had to break a lot of old habits,' she said. 'I ate smaller potions – a lot smaller than before. They didn't fill me up but I hoped once I had surgery I wouldn't have the hunger pains.

'Josh was a big help – he was careful about the food he bought.

'I also tried to exercise. The first time I managed to ab crunches I was pretty excited,' she says, even though she still had to them from a sitting position on the couch. Now ten months after the surgery Bettie Jo weighs 35st 8lbs (500lbs), and is proud of the progress she's made.

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