Monday, 6 April 2015

Childhood Friends Who Were Guys Set To Marry After One Is Now A Woman

Two childhood friends who played football together as boys are set to marry years as man and wife after reuniting when one of them did gender reassignment surgery.

Christopher Dodd, 24, and Fay Purdham, 27, are now a couple, with the latter transitioning to become a woman at the age of 23.
The pair, who now live in South Bank, Middlesbrough, grew up together as boys before losing touch as teenagers.

(The picture above was kevin before he transformed to become Fay)
Soon after they parted ways Fay, who was born Kevin, started her transition to becoming a woman by taking hormones.

They reunited at a party years later and are now planning their dream wedding.

'When I saw Fay again, I was gob smacked by how beautiful she was and I fell for her immediately,' said Mr Dodd, who is studying chemistry at Middlesbrough University. 

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