Monday, 6 April 2015

Am Not Particular About Birthdays- Dame Abimbola Fashola as She Clock 50

Wife of Lagos State Governor,Dame Abimbola Fashola clocked 50 today April 6 and she is celebrating it in low key.In an interview with citypeople she talked about being 50.

 I am not somebody who is really particular about birthdays.I see it as any other day.One thing when it comes to my birthday is that i always just like to see those i love around me.I dont like stress on that day.I dont like to get angry.And I just like to keep calm and follow the flow,enjoy the day justbe with those ibhave not seen for a while,ever since my husband got the job of being the Governor of Lagos State.There are some family members we have notvseen.So,on special days like that,are the daysvwe see them.And we all sit together and reminisce and then do so many other things we do before.

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