Friday, 20 March 2015

Millions Watch First Solar Eclispe in this Century

So the first solar eclispe of the century occured this morning.
Daily Star reports that Millions across Britain stopped to watch the first solar eclipse of this century, which plunged parts of the UK in to brief darkness.
Britain's skies began to darken at around 8.24am this morning as the Moon started to move between us and the sun, with the eclipse peaking at around 9.30am. In Norway, left, there was a total eclipse. In the UK, at the Eden Project (main picture) and (bottom right) in Greenwich, the sun's light was almost totally concealed by the moon. Across the nation turning day briefly to night, but watchers could not look directly at the sun because they risked damaging their eyes. In the Hebrides the sun was practically invisible as the Isle of Lewis experienced a 98 per cent eclipse. But cloud coverage meant that millions across Britain were unable to see anything at all of the eclipse. Another 'deep' partial eclipse visible in the UK will not occur until August 12 2026, and the next total eclipse not until September 2090

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