Monday, 2 March 2015

Meet 18 year Old Twins with opposing looks

Lucy and Maria Aylmer, 18, from Gloucester are non-identical twins
Lucy has fair skin and ginger hair, while Maria is darker with curls,One has straight ginger hair, a fair complexion and deep blue eyes. The other has masses of curls, far darker skin and her eyes are a sparkling brown.

With such opposing looks it’s hard to believe this striking pair are sisters. But they are much more than that – they are twins.
The girls were born with radically different colouring thanks to a quirk of their mixed-race parentage.
Their mother Donna is half Jamaican and their father Vince is white.The twins’ interests are as different as their looks. Lucy studies art and design at Gloucester College whilst Maria studies law at Cheltenham College.
Lucy explained: ‘Maria was outgoing whilst I was the shy one. But Maria loves telling people at college that she has a white twin – and I’m very proud of having a black twin.’

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