Monday, 9 March 2015

I am fininshed, Pls advise

She said her dad is a pastor, her mum a deaconess. Her boyfriend has finished her. Her story below:

I am a Law student at Igbinedion University Okada. I had too much to drink at the last LAWSA dinner. The event went on far into the night and ended around 11pm. My friend and course mate suggested that I spend the night in his house which was nearer to the hotel where the event held instead of going home. I accepted because I knew I was tipsy and afraid to head home alone.
I dont know what happened but I woke up the next morning feeling used. A look at my body confirmed my fears, my panties was no where to be found. My Br-a was hanging by the door…
I couldn't remember a thing, I was so ashamed of myself and all this boy did was smile like a fool. I asked for my undies and he told me that he helped me wash them as he knew I would need them in the morning. I felt he drugged and r*ped me because I couldn't recollet anything from
Immediately after we left the dinner hall. I threatened to report him for r*pe but he claimed that I actually begged him for s*x. I quickly jumped into my cloths and ran home so confused.
I went home and cried myself silly. I also asked God for forgiveness and took some drugs. I didn't discuss it with my roommate because she had previously warned me against that same guy.

I started avoiding and ignoring him in class. He called me over 1,000 time until I was forced to drop my Sim card. This boy later showed up at my lodge and would not leave. I had to report him to my departmental judicial commission and then to the Anti Cult guys in school. They arrested him and made him sign an undertaking to quit harassing and stalking me.

I dont know how he got my new number and called me this afternoon. I didn't know it was him so I picked up and then dropped the call immediately I recognized his voice. Then I got the shocker of my life. He sent me an SMS saying that he has my n*de clip which he took that night and that he will print them all and paste them all over the campus since I was taking his love for granted and reported him to Anti Cult.

I called his bluff thinking he was just blabbing. He sent me a photo on whatsapp and it was me laying on his bed stark n*ked.

I am finished. Any thing I do will definitely back fire. My dad will disown me. Please tell me what to do.

My world has crashed!

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  1. Yomade Akintunde9 March 2015 at 18:41

    You were stupid and careless, go to your parent and tell them what happened