Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Germanwings Plane Crash Update: 16 School Children,Opera duo among Victims

Sixteen school Children and two teachers from the same school ,Joseph-Konig-Gymnasium high school were among the 150 people believed to have perished on the crashed  Germanwings flight yesterday.

The youngsters were returning from a nine-day exchange trip in Barcelona when the plane was lost in a remote region of the French Alps.Also six crew and opera singer Maria Radner  who was travelling with her baby, one of two on board.
Fellow performer Oleg Bryjak  from Kazakhstan also died.
Oleg Bryjak

Maria Radner
Investigation however reveals that the aircraft had been grounded just 24 hours before it took off from Barcelona airport. The plane had suffered technical issues, including a landing gear problem. Photos of the crash site show wreckage from the obliterated plane scattered across hundreds of metres, with no pieces of debris larger than a small car.

Düsseldorf opera house Deutsche Oper am Rhein confirmed that Bryjak and Radner were both on the plane.

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