Thursday, 5 March 2015

Femi Branch celebrates "Daddy's little princess" Momoreoluwa Branch at 7,read his messages for his daughter

Actor,Femi Branch celebrated his daughter on instagram with heart melting messages.Read the two messages.

"Seven years ago God gave me one of the best and priceless gifts a man could ever wish for, an adorable bouncing baby girl. I named u Olive Momoreoluwa Branch. You are my pride and the beginning of my strenght. My love for u knows no bounds and i would rather die than see one little tear drop from ur eyes (God help any man who wil try making u cry) So today u turn 7! Daddy's litle Princess gradualy becoming a Queen. May God make u excel above your peers, u will instruct ur teachers and grow more and more into a blessing to your parents, ur family, ur Nation and ur generation! Happy Birthday my sugar crumshings Daddy loves u to shreds and kingdom come!

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