Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crashed Germanwings Flight Black Box Reveals Captain's Desperate Attempt To Get Into Cockpit

Dramatic recordings from the Germanwings flight’s black box have revealed the captain’s desperate attempts to break into the cockpit to regain control of the plane.Read below...

A transcript published in today’s edition of the German newspaper Bild, reveals that the chilling recording starts with captain Sondheimer apologising to passengers for a 26-minute delay in Barcelona, and promising to make up the time on the flight to DusseldorfAccording to transcripts published today, captain Patrick Sondheimer screamed ‘Open the goddamn door!’ as his killer co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately flew the aircraft into an Alpine ravine after he had left to go to the toilet.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Lubitz was living 'on the edge' because he feared that his deteriorating blurred vision would cost him his Pilot License. Reports emerged that police searching the pilot's flat had found a 'small mountain of pills' and he had apparently been refusing to take his antidepressants medication.
Lubitz is believed to have locked his captain out after the senior officer left the flight deck, and used the flight managing system to put the plane into a descent, something that can only be done manually - and deliberately.

In the plane, the automatic alarm signal ‘Sink Rate’ sounds almost at the same time, according to the voice recorder.
The black box also revealed the captain’s desperate attempts to break into the cockpit to regain control of the plane
Shortly afterwards there is a loud bang, which sounds like someone trying to enter the cockpit. Sondheimer yells: ‘For God’s sake, open the door!’

In the background, passengers can be heard screaming.

At 10.35am ‘loud, metallic banging against the cockpit door’ is heard again, according to the French authorities. The jet is still 7,000ft above the ground.

About 90 seconds later there is a new warning message – ‘Ground! Pull up!

It is believed that Sondheimer resorted to using a crowbar to try and get through the armoured panel as the plane plunged fatally towards the Alps.

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