Sunday, 1 March 2015

Is Amber Rose's Butt is FAKE?? -Self Proclaimed Butt Injection expert claims Amber Rose was her Client

Transgender Woman,Page Victoria Windslowe who is on trial in the 2011 death of 20yr old Nigerian Claudia Aderotimi after an illegal butt injection has said that she cant be blamed for the death of Claudia because she is good at what she does.She claimed that she had enhanced the butts of celebrities like model Amber Rose and had even been sought out by the likes of rapper Nicki Minaj.

Dailymail reports that, Padge-Victoria Windslowe testified in court that Amber, 31, had been receiving injection shots from her way before she became famous and kept on until when 20 year old dancer, Claudia Aderotimi died in 2011.
She claimed that rapper Kanye West, who had dated the model, even once dropped Rose off for a procedure.
Black Madam has she is called also claimed that her clients ranging from rappers to strippers to fellow transgender women paid her thousands of dollars to increase the size of their butt.She even said Amber Rose was helpful in boosting her business.
‘Amber was like a walking billboard, ‘She brought a lot of girls from VH1′

Windslowe is being accused of using low-grade industrial silicone with Aderotimi who originally wanted high-grade silicone but couldn't afford it after customs confiscated a portion of the cash she had brought with her to Philadelphia.

"She wanted a really big butt," Windslowe testified yesterday.

Aderotimi became ill after receiving the injections and later died at a local hospital. An autopsy revealed that the liquid silicon had traveled through her blood and into her brain, liver and lungs, causing her death.

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