Thursday, 19 February 2015

Plus size Celebs- Artist gives Celebs Make Over fat

Rita Ora fat
 20-year-old Spanish Artist David Lopera  has digitally created 'fat' portraits of stars including Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azaelea, Mila Kunis and even Frozen's Princess Elsa.
The artist then sells this altered images of the fat filled celebs to men that likes fat women.
He is hoping that his plumped-up work will help to prove that full figured women are sexier than abs
And the artist wants to become renowned for his fattening Photoshop skills.More pictures after the cut.......

Kim Kardashian fat Emma Watson fat

Mila Kunis fat
 Cartoon: Mr Lopera is even asked to manipulate Disney characters such as The Little Mermaid's Arieleven disney get to be part of it all

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