Friday, 20 February 2015

OPINION: Fayose; A Man of Controversy

Governor Ayodele Fayose has been more controversial in Nigeria’s political scene than being an instrument of public service and political leader primarily expected of him by the people of Ekiti and Nigerians at large. In less than four months of his return to Ekiti State Government House, the Governor has always been enmeshed in series of verbal controversies that have continued to give right thinking members of the society the audacity to question his ascension to the apex office as number one citizen of the Fountain of Knowledge.  continue after the cut.............

From the venue of his inauguration as the duly elected governor on October 16, 2014, Fayose fabricated Ekiti State Ministry of Stomach Infrastructure, a ministry that was singlehandedly conceived and birthed by him. According to the governor, the ministry would solely be responsible for the availability of food on the tables of Ekiti people. The idea was greeted by a wide range of criticism by Nigerians as it was widely viewed as a sheer waste of public fund and duplication of offices. For a man who once crucified his immediate predecessor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi for giving 5,000 naira monthly allowance for Ekiti elders without creating employment opportunity for their children, one will definitely expect him to clear the cloud of confusion that trails the superiority of his stomach infrastructure over Fayemi’s effort at banishing hunger among the weak and fragile with a monthly stipends. 
“Osoko” as he is fondly called by his ardent supporters however began his tenure in Ekiti on a boisterous note. Within a week of governance, he breezed into the state House of Assembly and dismembered its members. Under his tutelage, nine members were considered to be more powerful than nineteen members and consequently dislodged the original speaker, Dr. Adewale Ominrin in what seemed like a military coup. Omirin was not only impeached in Ekiti, he also had his filling station sealed up. Till date, the former speaker and his legion of supporters in the hallowed chambers are still wandering in the political wilderness.  For several weeks of his stay in office, Fayose practically abdicated his official duty as governor to the condemnation of the achievement of his predecessor in office. He accused former Governor Fayemi of erecting a befitting government house with an excessive amount without a proof to substantiate his allegation and vowed never to make use of the edifice. If one may ask, can Governor Fayose tell the people where he resides in the state today or does he govern Ekiti from his private home?
At the national level, the almighty Ekiti governor continues to hit the major news headline; creating ripples on the political sea of the country. It was Governor Fayose that predicted the impending death of the presidential flag bearer of the opposition party, General Muhammadu Buhari in a newspaper advert where his picture was used alongside late Nigerian heads of state. Fayose in his response blatantly stood his ground and refused to tender a public apology for the widely condemned advert that was credited to him.
For a governor who got the mandate of the people by virtue of his perceived identification with poor masses in the society, it is however expected of him to remain nothing but a leading light to the masses on whose votes he sailed to the office. Going by his antecedent that orchestrated his exit from this same office in 2006, governor Fayose who rode back to the office by a dint of destiny is expected to be subtle and diplomatic but unfortunately, the reverse is the case. He still remains the usual blunt and bombastic Fayose Nigerians used to know. If every Nigeria Governor has been trailing the same path like the Ekiti state governor, there wouldn’t have been an entity called Nigeria today. A governor can either be governor for a minimum of four years or a maximum of eight years. What makes or mars his personality after his tenure is the way he governed his people and his contribution to nation building during his tenure in office. Governor Ayodele Fayose should learn from history. When a child slips and falls, he will get up and look ahead but when an elder slips and falls, he looks back to know what led to his fall. Governor Fayose must learn from history!!          

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