Tuesday, 17 February 2015

NEWS: Obasanjo unguarded behaviours and utterances,embarrassment to the military- DEFENCE HEADQUARTER

The Nigerian Military have condemned recent attitude of former president Olusegun Obasanjo saying that his unguarded utterances of late have fallen short of the standard of discipline expected of an individual who served in the military and rose to the Status of a General. More after the cut.

This was conveyed in a statement by the Defence Headquarters on its Facebook page .it further states that the retired general constituted a serious embarrassment to the military before everyone with reasonable judgment of the values and standard to statesmanship.
“It is however noteworthy that most of his utterances lately indicate an attitude of playing to the gallery or indulging in politicization of serious national security or military affairs,” the statement said.
The military said Obasanjo, a retired general, must understand that Nigeria’s armed forces has developed beyond how he left it, and that the world has moved beyond that “parochial and self-adulating reasoning and mind-set the Obasanjo seems stuck to”.
“The Nigerian military is now better placed to strive for the maintenance of the legacies and ethos of service, valour, subordination to constituted authorities, and nonpartisan commitment to duty and fatherland,” the statement said.

The DHQ said, “For instance, the comments credited to Chief Obasanjo alleging that the postponement of the General Elections was to enable President Jonathan to use the Service Chiefs to plot a tenure extension is to say the least, very surprising.”
It said that while the military desired to respect the old general and his views, it became necessary to point out that his conduct and utterances of late have fallen short of the standard of discipline expected of an individual who has had the privilege of service in the military.
The statement urged Obasanjo to encourage the military rather than accuse it of ulterior motives, all for the purpose of discrediting decisions related to the military’s roles in the polity.
It also said unlike many insinuations that the Nigerian military is inept; the institution is neither incapable nor misused for political ends as Obasanjo may believe.

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