Monday, 2 February 2015

Nigeria on the Threshold of History

In few days time, history will be recorded in Nigeria as d country gradually garvanizes towards a new political dispensation. As expected, the political gladiators have been immersed in serial poltical activities that are capable of endearing them to the electorates that will ultimately decide their fates in the coming election.

As Nigerians scheme for their next president, intense political cloud have already gathered in the sky with no one to speculate the kind of rain it will release come february 14th.

while president Jonathan six years admimistration has been widely punctuated with corruption, insecurity, unemployment, poor infrastructure to mention but a few which are presently threatening his chance of returning to the villa in May 29, his prominent rival, Gen. Mohammadu Buahri seems to have laid this laspes before Nigerians as his reason for jostling for the apex office, to fix the tattered and dilapidated structure that may have probably be left behind by the Jonathan administration.

Buhari, even at 72 seems to have crawled into many hearts with his Change mantra. Truly, Nigerians are yearning for change but can Buhari be the agent of change we desire in Nigeria? Where exactly are the younger generation? When will our generation be leaders of tomorrow in Nigeria? When on earth will the Nigerian's Obama emerge?

If at 56 years old Jonathan is already finished and cant figure out a way of putting Nigeria on a straight path, what will happen to Buhari who is already 72 years old.

Indeed, Nigeria is in a den of trouble & there seems to be no hope in sight. And until the younger generation rise up to the occasion & fight for our right, the country is sitting on nothing but a keg of gun powder.

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