Monday, 16 February 2015

Must Haves In A Lady's Handbag

A lady's handbag is like her best friend, tagging along wherever she goes, carrying tons of tit bits from important to discards to chewable. Sometimes carrying secrets...From the obvious to the oblivious.
But there are certain things a lady must have in her handbag or purse.
1. Hand sanitizer
You've been on the go all day from shopping for grocery or simply sitting in front of your laptop clattering away. Handshakes or visits to the ATM. The sanitizer comes in handy, to kill all those harmful germs.

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2. Safety Pin 
This comes when there is an emergency; you do not know when that button could pop

3.Aspirin The day's stress can result in a headache which can put a damper on the whole day.
4. Mint Gums 
Freshen that breathe from time to time for a cleaner minty feel; you don't want noses turned away from you when you speak.


5.Oil Absorbing Sheets Something to wipe off those oily foreheads and cheeks
6.Deodorant/Roll on To keep you smelling and feeling fresh all day long after some stressful time running about.
7.Cash Ooh never leave home without some loose change, always comes in handy, even with your ATM card some cash...important.
8.Mini pack of Tissue Something to dab on emergency spills and also use in the ladies.

9.Moisturiser  For dry knees and elbows or just to keep that palm all soft and friendly
10.Tampon or Pads Sometimes you don't know when the "red lettered miss" will show up for deliveries so you just have to be ready.

11.Band Aids For that little toe when you decide to launch the new pair of shoes.
12.Compact Mirror Check the make up, runny mascara or a check to see the lipstick stained teeth or salad stains on teeth.
So ladies get those handbags with necessary necessities. See ya!!!!!!

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