Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Foods That Help Burn Fat

Certain foods have been known to help burn fat, the nutrients and compounds found in these foods help increase metabolism, the energy is then used to digest and burn fat. Here are some familiar ones that can easily be gotten in the neighbourhood market.

AVOCADO;Due to its fat contents many people think avocado is bad, but it is made up of good fat. Its healthy monounsaturated fats turn off your hunger, with plenty of protein and fibre to keep you full and give you energy needed for the day's workout.

WALNUTS; All nuts contain trace amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids, the walnut also contains high amounts of alpha-linolenic acid. These combination helps to burn more fat at a faster rate which will help with general weight loss.
HOT PEPPERS;If you have an addiction for spicy foods,then you are already helping your body burn fat. Jalapeños and Chilli peppers are the most effective.

SOYABEANS; It helps through lecithin,which helps build muscle. Soybean is filling and takes longer to digest, which can help control hunger.

SALMON; This fish continues to make it into healthy food lists, with very low saturated fats, it is full of anti-oxidants which reduces fat storage.

GREEN TEA; An easy way to stimulate fat burning is by drinking several cups of tea. It raises the metabolism which makes you burn fat faster.

WHOLE GRAINS; They are full off fibre and takes longer to digest, keeping hunger at bay. Good for lowering blood pressure and decreasing cholesterol.

BANANAS; The resistant starch found in bananas can reduce fat as the starch turns into s a fatty acid in your stomach. Bananas speed up your metabolism and contains a lot of potassium, making you full for longer.

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