Wednesday, 18 February 2015

FEATURES: Head of the matter 2

Most women love the glamour of good headgears, but not everyone has the gift to tie it well.  This therefore has given rise to existence of professionals who specialize in tying gele.
Sometimes, tying of some special styles takes up one hour or more.  Since gele has entered a top gear in the social circuits, the act of tying it has become an art and a business.  The new enterprise now includes seminars and training programmes for aspiring professionals.
As more women get addicted to the stylish headgears, more trainees are getting attracted to the art of tying gele as a means of daily bread.
For celebrants, their family and friends, the upsurge of high profile headgears at upscale functions has come to stay. In fact, it has become the head of the matter in events hosting.

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