Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Another Bomb explosion rocks Potiskum,Yobe State leaving several injured

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In a second attack sine Sunday,another bomb today exploded at the Tashar Dan-Borno motor park in Potiskum, Yobe state.Reports says 15 have been confirmed dead leaving 53 wounded . Eyewitnesses say the bus was loaded with passengers and was about leaving for Kano when a loud explosion was heard.Eye witness report said the the suicide bomber was a female teenager  who arrived at the Tashan Dan Borno bus station in a rickshaw and was trying to board a bus when she detonated the bomb.
On Sunday, a girl with explosives strapped to her killed five people and wounded dozens outside a market in Potiskum.
The use of female suicide bombers has become a common tactic of Boko Haram since last year as the group expanded territory and became stronger and more deadly. But in the past three weeks it has begun to suffer a string of defeats in a military offensive by Nigeria and neighbours Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

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