Sunday, 22 February 2015

15 Years Of Marital Bliss-Bob-manuel Udokwu And Wife

Some celebrities marriage couldn't last for a year or two, but Nollywood veteran actor and politician, BobManuel Udokwu and his wife, Cassandra Udokwu has sustained their matrimonial vows for 15-years.
The couple speak on the success of their journey so far...

"I have learnt that being a man you have a huge responsibility not just to your wife, but also to your children. This children come into the world and see you as their hero. The very first foundation of life starts from the family. If you don’t get it right, then the society will be worse off for it. The joy of family life is when you see your children grow in life and they are able to do certain things based on the knowledge you pass to them," he said.
Then for Mrs. Udokwu, she has also learnt that love is what you give. " I have learnt a lot of things like patience, focus and perseverance. A lot of things like endurance, because when you have somebody that knows your faults and takes your faults as his what else can you do than to be humble. He is just a wonderful person. My marriage of 15 years has taught me a great lesson that love is what you give .What you give is what you will receive. If you don’t give sincere love you won’t receive sincere love. If you give pretence, you will receive pretence," she collaborated.
The excited couple also has some great advise for intending couples and those who are already married.
"They need to know what they want as couples. Do they want their marriage to work? Do they want people to praise God because of their marriage? That is what we wanted and that is what we have achieved .We believe in dialogue and communication.
When you have issues, discuss it among yourselves immediately. Don’t leave it for tomorrow, because when you leave it for tomorrow, seeds of discord might be sowed. Once that seed is being planted, then you start analysing and digesting .The mind starts thinking about different things. Communicate when you are together and when you are not together. Marriage is friendship," they added.
Points to ponder for aspiring couples...

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