Thursday, 22 January 2015


Face all scrubbed clean ready for the artist's brush and pallet. A little red here...ooh some brown about some rosepink and a little orange.......Oh!!!...the new generation woman and face art.
Striving for perfection, we no longer do it ourselves. ...seeking the professional out for that perfect brow...the matte finish...ruby woo or mac lipstick to finish the look.
Makeup has that power to totally transform a woman's look. She takes her time to aptly apply wity precision for perfection.
Had a little sit down with Yetunde Obajimi a professional makeup artist. 

 Q: Why the clamour for professionals?
A: Every woman wants a flawless face.
Q: How long does it take to transform a face?
A:Hmmm....depends on the occasion,  what the individual wants.
Q: What set of people are major clients?
A: Brides of course. ..and also women who like to stand out at parties.
Q:Does regular makeup have any negative effect on the facial skin?
A:No it does not...if good products are used...there are a whole lot of substandard cosmetic products that go with the labels of authentic products and even sells at the original price. Good products come with  body friendly ingredients, which gives smoother, shinier and silky skin.
Q:How profitable is the business?
A:Well.....I'll say I don't go hungry and after necessary expenditure I still smile to the bank *laughs*
Q:Words of wisdom to aspiring makeup artists.
A:Get professional training, that's the first step, it helps in building a professional you. Build your clientele and stay true to themThe sky is your springboard.

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