Saturday, 24 January 2015

Shopping Tips......

It is another weekend and you plan on spoiling yourself a little by going shopping,here are a few tips to get you through especially when shopping for clothes....
1. Make a list: before setting out,draw up a list of what and what you need to buy.This will keep you focused so you dnt shop for what you dnt need.
2. Dress for shopping : Make sure you put on the right cloth so it makes it easier to try on stuffs.
3. Dont be deceived : Dn't let how a cloth looks on the rak deceive you, take you time to try it on.
4. Try different sizes : Buying clothes make sure you tried at least 3 sizes of the same style,its important to CDknow which fits better, sizes varies depending on the designers so go for that perfect fit.
And finally , have ever observed that serious shopping is better alone rather than with know what you want so go for it....

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