Thursday, 29 January 2015

Nigeria On The March Again

Nigeria on the march again....
on the march again...
looking for Mr President...
on the march again.....
Bla bla bla is our man oooo....

I'm sure some of you remember that campaign song
We are going to the polls again
Already there are small pockets of violence
Booing and jeering at campaign rallies
Slumming of words between  politicians
Alleged barring of foreign journalists...
The list is growing by the day

And you and I are sitting on the sidelines waiting for a miracle
Trying to wish in a President of our dreams
Wishing he would turn around our economy
Wishing our power sector will get powerful
Wishing the Boko Haram camp will turn into a tower of Babel
Wishing all our roads will be motor-able
Wishing we could have a servant leader...
Wish Wishing Wishes Wished

You wish or You want????????

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