Thursday, 27 March 2014


 Did you know that Jenny McCarthy was related to Bridesmaids star Melissa McCarthy? The pair are cousins and Melissa even appeared on Jenny's short-lived series The Jenny McCarthy Show back in 1997

          Musical talent is obviously in Snoop Dogg and Brandy's genes - they're first cousins!
 R&B star Monica and rapper/actor Ludacris also have a family bond. 'We grew up together,' explains Monica. 'My mum married his uncle over two decades ago. Before there was Ludacris and Monica, there was Christopher Bridges and Mo and we were just always close.
Nicolas Cage is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, the award-winning director of the Godfather trilogy, and the cousin of The Virgin Suicides director Sofia Coppola.When Nicolas decided to try acting as a career, he changed his surname to Cage to avoid accusations of nepotism

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