Friday, 6 December 2013


Red Carpet TV, the celebrity events show has unveiled a new television programme known as Grandstyle the amazing glitz.  Conceived as a super show of special moments, Grandstyle, is a weekly 30-minute television programme; that brings well-packaged, breezy event scenes to the screen.
 According to Yemi Olowolabi, Red Carpet’s CEO, the new programme “Is a wholesome social diary distinguished by decent motion pictures and distinct notion of merry features”
Olowolabi, a former editor with TELL magazine and former Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Ondo State,says “Grandstyle is made up of strictly social and corporate events. It is an awesome tour of social circuits, with special emphasis on style, strides and spectacles. It employs simple narrative technique and supple entertaining language, amply illustrated with appealing visuals”
Unlike Red Carpet TV which runs on satellite and terrestrial channels, Grandstyle will be aired on Sundays on BCOS, Ibadan, OSRC Akure and a host of other state TV channels. But Olowolabi assures that the programme is also produced and directed by Red Carpet’s tested team of core professionals renowned for their passion for captivating contents packaged in conformity with moral ethos and national broadcast codes”.

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