Thursday, 30 May 2013


So last evening, Diamond Housemates had their diary sessions and while most of them seem to be homesick already, one half of the Kenyan representative to The Chase, Annabel Mbaru remained upbeat about being in the house and went on to reveal what's in her heart and mind.
She's excited about being in the house, she wasn't happy on Sunday because her suitcase was held at airport which made her very emotional. Her first impression of the house was lovely, she likes the fact that she has a fellow Kenyan, it makes her feel at home.
She's getting along with everyone, but with Huddah more, although she doesn't feel she's connected with Fatima, she says Fatima is a bit reserved. She feels they don't connect personality wise because she's an extrovert and Fatima is and introvert, she says Fatima is a hard nut to crack. When asked to discibe her personality, she says she's happy, she's an extrovert and can't wait for Friday for alcohol to come, she's mellow when she's sober but when alcohol comes her personality comes out.

Annabel during her Diary session
She feels people are trying to impress others and are not being real. She says she thought her personality was out there, but now that she's here she realises others are like that as well, she thought she was gonna stand out.

She ends her session by saying Africa should expect a lot of fun from her, many sleepless nights and romance, passion. She says she could start a romance with Angelo or Bolt. She says even though Angelo looks like a player there's a bit of a sensitive side to him. And Bolt because he's West Africa

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