Monday, 20 May 2013


Have you ever tried on clothes and wondered what the designer was thinking when they made that article of clothing? Many women would like to lose a few pounds but simply can't find the time or the workout to make it happen. However, there are ways to make yourself look slimmer just by making a few key fashion choices. Buying women's clothing with the correct sizes and fits when you shop can visually take off several pounds and make you feel more confident about the way you look.


1. Buy clothes that fit. The first step to dressing to look slim is to only wear clothes that fit. Clothes that are too baggy or too tight will always make you look bigger. If you have clothes that are the wrong size, give them away. For bodies with imbalanced proportions, you'll need to dress the largest part of your body first. For example, if you have thick thighs but a small waist, buy pants that fit the legs comfortably and either pair them with a nice belt or have the waist tailored to fit. If the opposite is true -- a bigger waist and thinner legs -- buy pants with a comfortable waist. This is true for all areas of the body.
2.Accentuate your favorite feature. Everyone has a feature on their body they're most proud of. Find yours and buy clothes that draw attention to it. If you have a small waist, buy nice belts. If you have nice, firm legs, wear shorter skirts that will show them off. If you have beautiful, well-proportioned feet, slip into cute sandals. Drawing attention to the best parts of your body will help you and others not to notice your flaws as much.

3. Look for solid colors and bold patterns. Large blocks of solid colors can make you look leaner. Wearing a top and bottom in the same colors or a long, solid-colored dress can make onlookers see you as longer and leaner than you actually are. Bold patterns can blur your outline and any flaws it might have so people will see a pretty pattern rather than things you might want to hide. However, if you are very curvy, stick to bold patterns on looser fabrics, such as chiffon, and avoid knits. Stay away from tiny patterns and or patterns in very light colors since these can actually draw attention to flaws. Black is a popular color when you're trying to look slim, but it can be boring. Try other dark neutrals as well, such as eggplant or dark emerald green.
4. Find a fitted skirt. When choosing skirts, you should look for an A-line cut in a medium to heavy material to look slimmer. Avoid very soft or clingy fabrics like silk. The A-line style obscures an unattractive shape and accentuates everything above the waist. Lengths can vary, but it's best to avoid skirts that hang all the way to the floor. Skirts that end a little above or below the knee tend to be most flattering, as are mid-calf styles.
5. Accentuate your shoulders or legs. If you feel bottom-heavy, try wearing clothes to accentuate the shoulders, such as fitted blazers and jackets. If you have broad shoulders or a large bust, try wearing a dark color, such as black or navy blue, on top and a brightly-colored or patterned skirt or pants. This will minimize your problem areas and help you feel more balanced and in proportion overall.
6.. If you're not very confident about your body, consider attracting attention to your face. Play up your features, such as pretty eyes, full lips, high cheekbones or a nice nose, with the right makeup. A good haircut can have as much effect on your apparent weight as a good outfit. Ask your stylist for ideas on cuts to look your best and for styles that will elongate your neck or make your face either fuller or thinner.
Pay attention to hair and makeup

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