Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Roses for Golden Terins

The garden flora rustled with ease as cheery guests breezed in with stately aura and simple satorial flaunt.Diverse drapes and drooping floal vases dotted the tables festooned with gold satin and encircled by chairs clothed in spandex with sashes.it was an evening of rapturous beauty in the neighbourhood of nature as family and friends graced the 50th birthday of Mr Wale Akinterinwa at his Itirin Court residence in Victoria Island ,Lagos.Beyond quietly thanking God in the corner of his room and on the altar of God,the Politician who turned 50 on December,12,2012 shunned a loud celebration concomitant with his class and status.Akinterinwa may have had his say but he didnt have his way. Some of his friends,siblings and associates cooperated with his wife to organize a colourful garden party.

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  1. Ooohhh lala .....but wait ooo why d garden party? It's nice any way

  2. Good job. Well done guys. More grace.