Monday, 12 November 2012

A Ball For Banky Baby

The scenery of psychedelic dancers and the symmetry of screaming colours created a broad, blissful canvass of love and life at the 45th birthday of yeye Afysat Banke Adetoro, a solid woman with a sweet sense of style and essence. The flurry of flattering lyrics bouyed by rhythmic echoes of digital sounds and african drums thrilled the audience into a stupor of pleasure.Indeed, the typical Nigerian melody and its classical rhapsodies of praise became loud in London as family, friends, and acquaintaincesgathered at Barking Oasis Banqueting Hall,Barking,Central london . It was a birthday feast festooned with a bubbly crowd and bright colours.                


  1. This is wow,Nigerians in the UK really knows how to groove.