Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Woman Beats Her Child Almost To Death Because She “Looks Too Much Like Her Father”

Angela Carrillo-Accused

A woman accused of beating her three year old daughter to the point of unconsciousness because she “looked too much like her father” has been arrested.

She was growing weary of taking care of the child and chose to abuse her instead.
After one beating frenzy, the mother typed this cryptic message on Facebook: “My lil gurl is bein stubborn if she wont get into d bath tub, i wil make her. I dnt hav time fo thiz.”

The mother denies the allegations that she abuses her daughter.  In another Facebook message in her standard broken English, she said this: “My life iz so s***** right now im goin thru im bein accused of sumthin i kno i dint do i miss my baby so much.”

Carrillo’s child was taken to the hospital by the women with whom she shared an apartment.   One of the women allegedly told authorities that the mom yelled at the child because she looked too much like her dad.  The women had to revive the baby after her mother beat her during one frightening incident.  They told the mom that they were taking the child for a walk, but then snuck her to the hospital instead.
The women first told the hospital that the child had fallen down the steps, but the police were called when doctors noticed other injuries.  Her mother was then arrested and charged with two felony counts of assaulting a minor.

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