Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Star actress, Nse Ikpe-Etim is fun to be with. She is bubbly, full of life, and radiates warmth. Enjoy our encounter with the actress who is now an A-Lister.

You have been away from the scene lately, what have you been up to? 

Before now I think I was busy getting ready for phone swap, and after its cinema release, we are now looking forward to how much mileage I can get from it depending on what has been put in and how much confidence the producer and director have in me as a actor. And I am also doing some new works this year.

Do you feel fulfilled with your career?

I shouldn't say yes to that question. Looking at the way things have gone, I've been taking it slowly. I think man is greedy so man will always want more. I think with everyday that comes, I am hoping to get more out of my career.

How many movies have you done?

I think I have done about 16/17 movies since I did reloaded.

Looking at Nollywood, how would you rate it?

I think it has grown a lot looking at the way things are going. Thankfully, I am glad that I am part of the indusrty at a time like this. I would say that it took a long time for us to realize that the film indusrty isn't just a cash cow but also it's the one thing that  can make tourism very possible. 

What were doing when you went off the acting scene? 

I was away doing other stuffs. I worked in a bank, I did a bit of television. I didn't dump banking, it dumped me because I just didn't fit in. I felt at a point that office work was tight for me, even my boss then always asked what was wrong with me. But now they look at me and say, 'this was where you were meant to be.'

How did acting start for you?

It was with  the movie Reloaded, when Emem Isong convinced me to take a role; we argued about it and I said I wasn't going to do it.  We went on and on and I agreed, to prove a point. I was afraid when I first saw the stars and I asked myself questions if I was up to the task. I thought they just wanted to disgrace me. I tried it and working with a good actor like Ramsey Noah, you just need to give your best.

How have you fared with the malicious people in the industry?

I guess I don't come across them because people around me are very freindly.

Your mum did not like your going into acting, how did you convince her? 

When I did my first movie at the time, my mum had come to realize it would be hard to keep me to do what she wanted. I just told her mummy, I did one film O', and she was like, 'ok, so you have gone back to acting,' and I said, yes and its full time She did not ask further questions.

Nse the actor, and Nse off the screen, how do you strike a balance?   

After any movie shoot, there are certain things that I connect to, books that I like to read, I just go back to do those things and I find myself. For instance, when I did Phone Swap, I went to the bank and somebody said, 'Mary,' the way I turned it was shocking because I turned to answer a name that wasn't mine.


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