Tuesday, 24 July 2012


On July 15, 2012, Prophet T.B. Joshua called upon Nigerians to pray and fast especially for those who fly. A visit to the church’s website as the time of filling this report showed the man of God in a 59-second video. In the video he said, “Pray and fast for your country. I am talking to Nigerian people. And those of us that enter the aircraft within this country, always pray and fast. I would continue to pray for you.”
Speaking to one of SCOAN faithful, she said: “Penultimate Sunday, Prophet T.B. Joshua said he sees another plane crash in Nigeria and this particular one will involve top government officials, who is who in Nigeria government. He also made it known that it will happen when all of them will assemble in one flight as if they are going for seminar.”
You will recollect that Prophet T.B. Joshua predicted the deaths of Malawi President, Stella Obasanjo, Princess Diana, Steve Jobs and many more important personalities.

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