Friday, 6 July 2012

Black Doctor Who Performed First Surgery to Separate Siamese Twins Opposes Obamacare

Dr. Ben Carson, who has been chronicled in Ebony and Jet for at least two decades for his achievements as a neurosurgeon, including his successful 1987 surgery to separate Siamese twins, is also opposed to Obamacare. In an interview with Black Christian News, Carson who is the author of “Gifted Hands” previously said, “The government is big enough and intrusive enough as it is. If you go back and read the ideals the Founders had, you’ll see they never intended for the government to grow so large. They said it is critical, if the United States is to maintain itself as a free and prosperous nation, that the people be well-informed and active in government. We’re becoming a nation for, of, and by the government. As that continues, we become less of a “can-do” nation and more of a “what can you do for me?” nation.” Although Carson acknowledged that the Americans spend too much for what they get in exchange to their healthcare system, he says that has to do with the inefficiencies in the system that can be corrected without Obamacare. When asked how health care can be improved without Obamacare, Carson said, “Start with the electronic medical record and electronic billings systems. Make the government responsible for catastrophic healthcare and insurance companies only responsible for routine healthcare because they hide behind the catastrophic things to keep jacking up their rates.”

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