Monday, 16 July 2012

2 New Dance Moves Nigerians Are Crazy About

First on the list has to be the ETIGHI DANCE. In the past few months, this dance step has gone wild; the old and young have caught up with this dance step. It originated from South South Nigeria and the dance involves basically shaking your back side whilst tightening your legs. Iyanya, Nigeria's hip-hop act made the dance even more popular with his hit track, 'Kukere.'
The next dance move Nigerian's are crazy about has to be the AZONTO DANCE. A lot of people confuse the Etighi dance for the AZONTO DANCE. This dance originated from Ghana and it reflects the creativity and rich sense of humour of the Ghanaian people. The dance is usually performed with an accompanying smile.It evolved from the combination of several local dance moves that originated from the southern part of Ghana.
Soldiers Dancing Azonto

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